Covid-19 Message

Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit Namibia, Faith PS has adopted measures to combat the spread of the virus. Precautions like wearing a mask, sanitizing and social distancing is fully practiced at school and is enforced heavily. Visitors are not allowed to enter school grounds if they do not comply to the measures set by the school.. Staff members have a great responsibility to protect themselves, learners and their colleagues and that is why an internal policy is in place, pleading for compliance. Learners are strictly controlled and monitored by their teachers. They are well informed about the danger and the spread of the virus. When the rate of infection rose in Windhoek, the school took a step to discourage the exchange of papers between teachers and the learners by developing and equipping the staff members to do online teaching and communicating via social media. As the school motto states “Faith that is firm is patient”. We shall be patient in our faith and have hope this pandemic too shall come to pass.

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